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Arbroath Harbour Project

Arbroath harbour is one of the most scenic harbours on the east coast of Scotland. It is important to tourism, fishing, local businesses and to the people of Arbroath and wider Angus. Thousands of people visit the harbour area every year via National Cycle Route 1 which extends along the coast and through the harbour. 

It was local people themselves that raised concerns about the Harbour area environment.  There were concerns about litter of all types but particularly food related items which were escaping into the sea. During late summer 2018 when social media posts began to appear many people laid the blame for the litter problems firmly at the door of the Local Authority. There were calls for the Council ‘to do something’ and get the area cleaned up. Whilst Angus Council certainly have a role to play,  ACE recognised that the Council were only part of the solution and that there were many stakeholders who needed to take ownership of the problem. Individuals within ACE decided to use the skills and learning that they had developed over recent years to lead a community campaign which would enable and encourage others to work together and take personal responsibility to address the litter problem.