Angus Council

Angus is a beautiful county, but in common with the rest of Scotland we have a problem with litter, dog fouling, fly posting, abandoned cars and graffiti. 

By working hand in hand with communities, businesses and schools we can change this.

Clean up Angus forms part of the Clean-up Scotland campaign that is working to make Scotland the cleanest country in Europe.



Right stuff, Right bin campaign

We have launched the Right stuff, Right bin campaign to help reduce the cost of items placed in the wrong bin. The Council are charged hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to remove contaminated items and this is money which could be better spent elsewhere.




We will investigate and dispose of flytipping on council ground. Where items are flytipped on private ground we will try to find the culprit, but the landowner is responsible for clearing away the flytipping. In 2016 our investigations revelaed that the source of 50% of flytipping was household, 9% commercial and 15% not known.

The council can issue fixed penalty notices of £200 for flytipping and courts can impose a penalty of up to £40,000.

Organising a local clean up event?

Monifieth Eco Group

First, decide on the area that you want to clean-up. It could be a favourite local landmark, a beach or a nature trail.

Find out who the landowner is before you do anything else. You’ll need their permission for the clean-up. Next, call us on 03452 777 778 to discuss your clean-up plans with a local waste management inspector. They will offer help and advice.

We can provide equipment like litter pickers, high-visibility vests, bin bags and disposable gloves.We’re happy to collect the litter and waste from your clean-up. You should arrange this with your local waste management inspector, before your clean-up.

Why not visit our community clean up page.



The Adopt-A-Street scheme is an idea developed by community groups in Angus who want to make a difference to the places that are important to them.

By working together, communities and the council can help prevent a build-up of litter and encourage everyone to care about their own neighbourhood and/or their special place.

Through the scheme we support  volunteers  working  in  their own communities by providing litter picking equipment.

Volunteering does not reduce the amount of cleaning and recycling undertaken by us. It complements and enhances our work by creating a cleaner and more beautiful place to live and visit.

We provide a litter picker and hoop to all volunteers who sign up for the scheme at their local access office. You choose the area you care about and want to adopt.


Help us keep Angus beautiful by picking up after your pet

Dog bags are available for sale at librariesleisure centres and Rangers' centres at a price of 20p for 25 bags. Dog waste can be disposed of in any one of over 1600 litter and dog waste bins across Angus. (Any bin will do) If you spot anyone who doesn’t clean up after their dog, you can report it online by visiting our report dog fouling page.