What is a Circular Economy?

A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional economy where things are made without thought, used and disposed of. It is one in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, get the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of their life.

ACE will use this page to raise awareness about local projects and intiatives which help us to reduce waste and keep things in use for as long as possible.


New Initiative from M&S

Marks & Spencer is launching a new initiative to enable customers to bring back non-recyclable plastic packaging. This will then be turned into playground equipment.

Customers can drop a variety of plastic packaging in M&S’s new recycling bins, including black ready meal trays, crisp packets, sauce sachets and certain cosmetics containers, all of which aren’t currently recycled by local councils and typically end up in landfill.

The retailer has pledged to give collected plastic a new life by recycling it into store fittings, furniture and playground equipment for schools.

M&S intend to roll out the bins in all their stores by the end of 2019, which will be made from recycled plastic collected through the first eight stores.

As part of its plastic plan, M&S will ensure all of its packaging is widely recyclable by 2022, which will see M&S remove 1,700 tonnes of black plastic packaging by this Spring.

Apparently, the technology to convert non-recyclable plastic has been around for a while so ACE is pleased to see examples such as this from M&S supporting a truly circular economy.

Angus Cycle Hub

Angus Cycle Hub is a social enterprise which recycles bicycles to provide a low cost way to access cycling and provides bike servicing, sales and training.

Excerpt from the Angus Cycle Hub web-site

We have been actively following the footsteps of our friendly bike recycling giants in the Borders for some time now and through their example, it has been a massive goal for Angus Cycle Hub to give bikes in our region a new lease of life. Since January 2016, we have developed a bike recycling scheme that caters for Arbroath and Montrose recycling centres, collecting all of the bikes that were destined for waste disposal. Not including donations, from January  – March 2016 we collected a total of 172 bikes refurbishing the majority with the rest being stripped down for parts. This benefits Angus in a variety of forms; offering cleaner environmental practice towards bike disposal, a brand new recycling scheme rivalling those in the local area and making bikes more accessible to the local community. On average, we are now collecting from the recycling centres twice a week and focus on a refurbishment target of at least 30% of those we gather from the recycling centre. Our aim for the future is to increase capacity and size of our operations to cater for all of the recycling centres within Angus, enabling us to spread our recycling practice and standard across the board.



Ultimate in recycling!

In 2015 a new partnership was developed between residents in East Haven and CatchmentTay Ltd who operate the Waste Water Treatment Plant at Hatton. This enabled the use of bio-solid pellets which are dried to 110 degrees C and used as a slow release fertiliser in the community gardens. Although not recycled under the Sludge Use in Agriculture Regulations (we use the pellets purely for digging into our flower beds) it is never-the-less reassuring to know that the biosolids material is approved as an "Enhanced Treated Sludge", i.e. free from salmonella and where 99.9999% of the pathogens have been destroyed (i.e. a 6 log removal) under the "Safe Sludge Matrix" (an agreement reached with the British Retail Consortium). On a lighter note, it takes the idea of public involvement to a new level 🙂


East Neuk - Painted with upcycled toner cartridge