2020 has brought new challenges for people working to keep their areas clean and litter free. New guidelines have been issued by Keep Scotland Beautiful and also by East Grampian Coastal Partnership. These guidelines help us all to take personal responsibility for keeping ourselves and others safe especially during the pandemic.


Make it safe - Make it fun

  • If you don’t have your own supply of litter pickers, bags and hoops Angus Council can help. They will loan equipment to groups on  request. Find out more by visiting their web-site:  www.angus.gov.uk/cleanupangus
  • If you are organising a clean up event for members of the public or a group it's probably wise to produce a risk assessment. Risk assessments encourage you to think about what needs to be in place to keep everybody safe. Feel free to download the East Haven Risk Assessment for ideas and a template. Keep Scotland Beautiful also provide a very useful booklet including information about risk assessment called, 'Organise a Clean Up'.
  • Think coffee, cake and refreshments. People love coming together for coffee and a chat so do make sure you prioritise the time for food and drink. Not only will it encourage people along to your event but it helps to make sure people remain hydrated and energised after litter picking.
  • Make sure people wear strong sturdy boats or shoes and dress appropriately for the weather
  • Write down the names of people attending your litter pick. Count them out and count them back in again. 
  • Buy a sharps box or keep a tall jam-jar available incase you come across any sharps. If in doubt, don’t pick it up but call Angus Council Access line. Angus Council advise people not to touch any drug paraphernalia if you find it but suggest that you phone the ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 to arrange its collection and disposal.
  • Supervise children at all times
  • Carry out clean up activities in day light hours
  • Don’t walk in the road
  • Wear hi viz jackets
  • Don’t overfill bags or carry anything too heavy.
  • Finally, why not survey what you find? If it is beach clean you could register with MCS and submit your survey data to their  web-site. If it is a land based litter pick, a survey helps to start building evidence about the type of waste. It may also help to identify where the waste has come from. 
  • Keep Scotland Beautiful provide resources and support to help Clean up Groups. Why not visit their web-site:   www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org

Example of Beach Clean Risk Assessment

East Haven Together are happy for groups to download and use this risk assessment to assist in developing your own

Keep Scotland Beautiful: Litter Pick Plus - Tool Kit

Download a copy of this very informative and practical tool kit for community groups

  • Why not register your clean up event with Keep Scotland Beautiful and obtain a free clean up kit?

  • If you are holding a beach clean, MCS want to know about it. Why not survey what you find and upload the data to MCS?

  • Have you visited the Clean up Angus page on Angus Council's web-site? You can register your event there too.