Angus Litter Summit

Representatives from a range of communities across Angus decided to take collective action and hold a litter summit with the aim of making  their voices heard locally and improve outcomes across the area. The event, funded by LEADER was an example of community empowerment in action and brought together, communities, schools, businesses, politicians and representatives from a range of local and national organisations.  Why not download a copy of the report and find out what happened at the event and what has happened since? 

Angus Litter Summit Outcomes Report

Graeme Dey, who is Convenor of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee spoke in his capacity as an MSP by giving an overview of the work being undertaken to make improvements at a national level. Graeme also spoke about the legislative changes currently being considered to improve enforcement. For example,  making the registered keeper of a vehicle responsible for any litter thrown out of it.

Kirstene Hair MP sent a video message as she was unable to attend on the day. This can be viewed via the following link.

Cath Wilson from Zero Waste Scotland highlighted Scotland’s Litter Strategy and the role of Zero Waste Scotland in providing leadership and support at a national level and emphasised the need for prevention and shared responsibility/collaboration. Cath also drew our attention to the extensive online resource provided by Zero Waste Scotland through it’s Litter Knowledge Network.

Susanne Austin, Angus Council outlined key legislative issues related to littering and standards of evidence required to issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs). In addition, Susanne highlighted the work the Council undertakes in delivering campaigns, educational initiatives and providing public information. She also referred to work done to encourage communities through  the Pride in Place Members and Officers group. 

Catherine Gemmell, Marine Conservation Society (MCS) raised awareness about the three areas in which MCS focus their work; ocean recovery, sustainable seafood, clean seas and beaches. The devastating impact on wildlife was highlighted along with initiatives and national campaigns. In Angus, 5015 items of litter were removed during the Great British Beach clean in September and the survey data uploaded to MCS. Community groups can download their own data to highlight litter types and sources

Ingrid Roughead Keep Scotland Beautiful delivered a presentation which focused attention on the evidence base identifying factors that contribute to littering behaviour. Also highlighted were nudge theories and how changes to the infrastructure and environment can influence behaviour change.

Zsuzsa Farrell from Leither’s Don’t Litter, shared experiences from Leith, demonstrating that community actions really can make a difference. Residents have worked in partnership with all kinds of organisations and businesses using multiple and varied strategies to influence and change littering behaviour. Their use of graphics and a  sense of humour provided insight into what can be achieved locally.

Wendy Murray, East Haven Together focused on the Community Empowerment Act (Scotland) 2015 and how strengthening the voice of communities in decisions about public services which affect them is an important part of the Act. The new Litter Prevention Action Plan for East Haven and the Adopt-A-Street scheme were also launched.