Information is Power!

One of the aims of the ACE web-site is to provide easy access to useful information for people interested in doing more to keep the environment clean and green. Many people have said that they they lack information or feel confused about about issues relating to waste and littering. The map of confusion provides a visual illustration of just how complex these issues can appear to members of the public. 

Working towards the Angus Litter Summit helped ACE to piece together the jigsaw and we now realise that there is a lot of information out there if one knows where to look. For example, Zero Waste Scotland provides an extensive information resource via their web-site and litter specific tool-kits. In addition, Keep Scotland Beautiful not only provide useful sources of information and advice but directly support community groups, schools and businesses. Similarly, the Marine Conservation Society is an important source of information and encourages beach cleaning across the UK raising awareness about the global problem of marine litter. Our Local Authority, Angus Council, provides specific information relating to all aspects of waste management and recycling.  For more information from these organisations we would encourage you to visit their web-sites directly or find out more from the pages on this web-site.

We have made available various reports and documents of interest to download in the section below. 

Arbroath Harbour Outcomes Report

If you would like a high resolution pdf please e-mail us on

Turning the Plastic Tide

A report on activities during 2019

Report on the second Great Angus Beach Clean Sept19

Report on the Great Angus Beach Clean

Zero Waste Scotland

A summary of useful links to reports and resources on Zero Waste Scotland's web-site

Rapid Evidence Review of Littering Behaviour and Anti-Litter Policies

This report was commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland as part of a wider research programme into the issue of littering in Scotland.

Keep Scotland Beautiful: Litter Pick Plus - Tool Kit

Scotland's Litter Strategy

‘Towards a Litter-free Scotland’ sets out Scotland’s approach to improving our environment by addressing litter and fly-tipping problems.

Police and Crime Act 2017

This document sets out the legislative powers of litter authorities in Scotland. Part 9 Miscellaneous and General - Chapter 1 Miscellaneous.
The specific pages of interest are p204 - p207


A report by Keep Scotland Beautiful published in 2016

Further report by Keep Scotland Beautiful published in Oct 2017

Local environmental quality in decline
Further analysis by Keep Scotland Beautiful

Community Empowerment

Ask the Council if you want to get more involved in improving outcomes in your community. Find out more about making participation requests

Scotland's Litter Problem

This report provides an in-depth review of Scotland's litter problem.

England's Litter Strategy 2017

This report sets out the strategic approach in England to reducing waste and litter

Littering Behaviour in America

This report contains elements of interest and reports research findings from America. Published in January 2009.

Scotland's Marine Litter Strategy