Litter Prevention Action Plans

A key way in which we can work to prevent litter in our communities  is to produce a Litter Prevention Action Plan (LPAP). Developing a LPAP involving all stakeholders helps to identify where the litter hot spots are and to identify ways of reducing litter in these locations.  Zero Waste Scotland and Keep Scotland Beautiful have lots of good ideas including tool kits and various resources for public use. Work is also going on in Angus to raise awareness amongst businesses and schools to do everything possible to reduce littering at source. 

Just imagine what a difference it would make if every school, every business, community group and organisation produced a litter prevention action plan to feed into a high level overarching plan for Angus. 

If you would like to develop a LPAP for your area please visit the Zero Waste Scotland web-site where you can obtain helpful advice and LPAP templates. Once complete you are able to upload your LPAP to the Zero Waste Scotland's portal  This portal allows organisations and groups to showcase the action we are taking to prevent litter and flytipping across Scotland.

Woodlands Primary School, Litter Prevention Action Plan

Keptie Friends, Litter Prevention Action Plan

Monifieth Community Council, Litter Prevention Action Plan

East Haven Together, Litter Prevention Action Plan

The East Haven Experience

In East Haven, Angus,  residents have made great progress to reduce littering over recent years but certain persistent types of littering remain. Although clean up activities are carried out on a daily basis there has been a feeling of powerlessness leading to a view that the more challenging problems may be  something that the community just have to live with. It is this kind of situation which can eventually lead to apathy and result in communities becoming demoralised and vulnerable over time. 

Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) worked with residents in East Haven to produce their own LPAP. workshop was held which identified four key priorities which residents will specifically target  over the next two years. A plan of action, including sources of information and support, has been developed.

Monifieth Community Council have now also completed their own Litter Prevention Action Plan and both can be viewed in Zero Waste Scotland’s Portal via the following link.                

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