Adopt-A-Street - A Community Led Initiative

Angus is a beautiful place to live and visit and we all have a responsibility to keep the area clean. The Adopt-A-Street Scheme recognises that many residents, businesses and schools take a pride in their area and want to do their bit to help. 

Why not join the growing number of people across Angus who want to help clean places that are important to them such as their own street, park or favourite walk-way? The more people who are seen out and about keeping Angus clean the more that people will be encouraged not to drop litter. If you sign up to Adopt-A-Street you can collect a free litter picker and hoop from your local Access Office


Adopt-A-Street Newsletter March 2019


Find out more about Adopt-A-Street by visiting Angus Council's web-site or by downloading a leaflet here

My Street, My Park, My Place, My Responsibility

Group clean up events

Angus Council also operates a scheme for groups and organisations undertaking one off clean up sessions. Information about obtaining help for occasional clean up events can be found on Angus Council’s web-site

It is particularly important that we educate and encourage everybody to stop  dropping litter and to participate in litter picking.